2D Works

Pixelart, and other 2D or mixed (2D/3D) works.


The last Cthulu ninja zombie

Fan art – 2007 – Timanthes
Commodore 64 Multicolor format picture (4 of 16 colors for each 4×8 pixels) 160×200 pixels.

Based on ‘Cthulhu ninja Zombie’  an original character by Obsidian, and the cover art for the Commodore 64 game ‘The Last Ninja’.




Fan art – 2006 – Timanthes
Commodore 64 FLI format picture (4 of 16 colors for each 4×1 pixels) 160×200 pixels.

Portrait of Motoko Kusanagi, main character from Ghost in the shell.




Late 1990’s – geoPaint
1-bit geoPaint drawing.


Misc. GEOS drawings

Mid 1990’s to early 2000 – geoPaint
Miscelaneous 1-bit geoPaint drawings.

Retrocomputación 2011 website header and footer

2011 – Maya/PSP/Inkscape
Mixed 2D/3D header and footer for Retrocomputacion.com website redesign.

Retrocomputación icon and emoticon sets

2011 – PSP
Custom icons and emoticons for Retrocomputacion.com website redesign.

Retrospectiva 3 header

2011 – PSP
Web header and banner for Retrospectiva3 online competition.

iAdore my 64

2008 – PSP
Wallpaper for Retrospectiva 08 competition.

Amiga creation

2006 – PSP

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