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Hi! my name is Pablo Roldán I’m argentine and 33 years old.
I’m an electronic technician, 3D modeler, programmer and web designer

I’ve been in contact with computers for more than 20 years, and ever since then I’ve passionate about computer graphics and user interfaces.

Currently I’m in charge of Retrocomputacion’s web portal, the biggest argentine community of users and collectors of old computers. Back in 2008 I also did the integration between the e107 CMS (PHP based) with the existing YaBB forum (Perl based), import the forum user accounts to the CMS and adapt it to the functions required by the community.
Then in early 2011 I wrote a custom YaBB importer for the e107 CMS, thus enabling the transfer of all the old forum data into the CMS forum.

I worked on the creation in 3D of the Virtual Ebro Delta for the Comunidad de Regantes de la Derecha del Ebro; aswell as the virtual version of the Estación de Tratamiento de Agua Potable L’Ampolla for the Consorci d’Aigües de Tarragona.


  • Digital Electronics
  • Programming languages: BASIC, Pascal, C++, PHP, JavaScript, Assembler (6502, 68K, PIC16F, and some X86)
  • Operative Systems: Windows, Linux, AmigaOS
  • 3D Software: Truespace, Maya, Blender
  • Graphic Software: PaintShopPro, GIMP, CorelDraw




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