Retrospectiva – June 2012 Review


One month into the competition, let’s do a quick review of the entries presented so far.

The competition have been recieved warmly this year, with 8 entries already presented to this day. Six graphics, one music and one BASIC game.

BASIC Games:

  • Surfshooter by Brian Picchi (Apple II)


  • FOTO-APARAT by YERZMYEY (Sinclair ZX 81)
  • TREE’81 by PIESU (Sinclair ZX 81)
  • SPACE BASE by YERZMYEY (Sinclair ZX 81)
  • HOUSE by PYZA (Sinclair ZX 81)
  • CHIP by Osgeld (Apple II)
  • LAUGH by mono (Sinclair ZX 81)


  • YERZMIX PART 6 by YERZMYEY (Sinclair ZX 81)

You can check the entries, the compos’ rules, prizes and more at Retrospectiva’s web: RSP.RETROCOMPUTACION.COM


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