Retrospectiva 2012 – August review



Finishing Retrospectiva 2012’s third month we have now 10 entries:

BASIC Games:

  • Surfshooter by Brian Picchi (Apple II)
  • Memotest preview by Alakran (Commodore 64)


  • FOTO-APARAT by YERZMYEY (Sinclair ZX 81)
  • TREE’81 by PIESU (Sinclair ZX 81)
  • SPACE BASE by YERZMYEY (Sinclair ZX 81)
  • HOUSE by PYZA (Sinclair ZX 81)
  • CHIP by Osgeld (Apple II)
  • LAUGH by mono (Sinclair ZX 81)
  • Alien Hug by Osgeld (Apple II)


  • YERZMIX PART 6 by YERZMYEY (Sinclair ZX 81)

We continued the posts dedicated to BASIC expansions and compilers, this time for the Apple II line.
If you want to suggest a program, expansion or tool please don’t hesitate to contact us via e-mail or by leaving a comment at Retrospectiva’s blog. We are especially interested in information about Atari and MSX programming tools.

Before submitting your work, be sure you read and understand the rules, which you can find together with all the entries submitted and much more information at RSP.RETROCOMPUTACION.COM