Retrospectiva 2012 – July review


On its second month Retrospectiva 2012 has one new BASIC game entry, this time for the Commodore 64, now the entry count is at 9:

BASIC Games:

  • Surfshooter by Brian Picchi (Apple II)
  • Memotest preview by Alakran (Commodore 64)


  • FOTO-APARAT by YERZMYEY (Sinclair ZX 81)
  • TREE’81 by PIESU (Sinclair ZX 81)
  • SPACE BASE by YERZMYEY (Sinclair ZX 81)
  • HOUSE by PYZA (Sinclair ZX 81)
  • CHIP by Osgeld (Apple II)
  • LAUGH by mono (Sinclair ZX 81)


  • YERZMIX PART 6 by YERZMYEY (Sinclair ZX 81)

We have also started a series of posts dedicated to BASIC expansions, compilers, paint programs, trackers, compressors/packers and any other tool which can be found useful to create an entry for the competition.
At this time there are a couple of posts listing some of the BASIC expansions and compilers for Commodore and Sinclair computers.
If you want to suggest a program, expansion or tool please don’t hesitate to contact us via e-mail or by leaving a comment at Retrospectiva’s blog.

All the entries, plus rules, prizes and extra info at RSP.RETROCOMPUTACION.COM